Friday, February 27, 2009

Gaining new respect for cashiers

I took my first stab at self-scanning yesterday. After registration, I was asked whether I knew how to operate the handheld scanner and since the brother had self-scanned when we did the groceries two weeks ago, I said yes. As it turns out, I didn't.

I started by scanning something by mistake and then sheepishly had to ask for help with deleting it. Afterwards, I tried to scan three items with no success until I realized that I was supposed to scan the bar codes on the items themselves and not the ones posted on the shelves --- something I should have already known after the shopping trip with the brother.

The rest of my little adventure went quite smoothly. I liked having a running total and bagged the items as I went, which was one important lesson I'd learned from the previous visit.

Had oodles of trouble scanning my final purchase, a bag of honey roasted nuts, and had to try to move the nuts around the bag to flatten the area with the bar code, but I persevered.

[Photo taken at 1839 yesterday.]

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