Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 100th post to me!

Bought semlor from a café today because it was Mumsy's birthday yesterday.

Semlor probably qualify as her favorite Swedish food. When she visited last summer, we went semla-hunting. Alas, semlor only come out to play from February to April. I tried making my own, but they ended up too bready --- must have overworked the dough --- and a bit

Anyway, since Mumsy's on the other side of the planet, we were gracious enough to eat the semlor on her behalf.

The grocery also sells semlor, but I steered clear of those because they were just sitting at room temperature despite all that cream filling. Plus, I find it disconcerting that they are still selling lussekatter although it's already February. Those lussekatter are quite a steal at just 10 Swedish crowns for 4 pieces though, if anyone's interested.

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