Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hospital sweet home

Am spending the final month of the semester at the hospital in Solna for my elective, but we're at my regular hospital today for a little field trip.

Just finished eating lunch in the lobby. Much quieter and more relaxing than the lunch rooms and restaurants.

Before lunch, we visited a lab here that's accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Apparently, it's one of 35 labs globally, several of which currently have their accreditation suspended. I miss spending time in a lab.

Also, visited level 9 for the first time today.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eat up your ice cream first!

Chanced upon an episode of Ellen recently and her opening monologue was about how differently people behave in theme parks. She mentioned that she'd overheard a mother warning the kids that they wouldn't get any dessert if they didn't finish their cinnabuns.

This Smarties ice cream treat seems to follow the same principle. You'll have to finish the ice cream --- which contains crushed Smarties --- before you can access the Smarties in the tube.

The Little Niece was a big fan of this product. After eating her own ice cream, she swiped about a quarter of mine.

[Photo taken at 1855 yesterday.]

Brunch at Connect Hotel in Kungsholmen

Bought a 2-for-1 gift card via Groupon a few weeks back and then invited a friend to come along. Read a negative review on a blog the other night and that got me a bit worried that this would turn out to be a dud. It turned out well though. The selection was somewhat limited, but the food was good.

[Photo taken at 1405.]

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another hospital photo

...this time from within one of the tunnels. The sign in the foreground points the way to the disaster supply room and --- if I'm not mistaken --- some of the pipes overhead are actually pneumatic tubes for transporting mail within the hospital.

[Taken at 1142 yesterday.]

From the inside looking out

Quickly snapped this photo from inside the breakroom of the radiology department at Karolinska Solna. The room is situated directly above the main entrance of the main building and is almost enough to make me consider specializing in radiology. Methinks this department must have some major clout. :p

[Taken at 0942 yesterday.]