Monday, March 2, 2009

Book sale loot

There's an annual nationwide book sale that begins every February. While browsing the book sale catalogue from the Coop Forum chain of hypermarkets (yep, they join in too), I spotted this book entitled "Life" by famed medical photographer Lennart Nilsson. I'm hoping the pictures will somehow inspire me to study more and I couldn't resist taking advantage of the price drop from 249 to 99 Swedish crowns, so I headed out to Coop Forum Fittja last Friday to go book shopping.

I also bought two books for the niece and the complete set of Arn books which the brother had asked me to get for him. All four Arn books cost 100 crowns total whereas they normally retail for 88 or so apiece.

Was tempted to buy a muffin and cupcake recipe book, but stuck to my list. I impulse bought oodles of books at book sales eons ago and hardly ever touched them.

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