Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now eating breakfast the biggest IKEA een zee vorld!

Somehow the fact that I am not a morning person makes the prospect of eating out for breakfast always seem like a special treat. Go figure!

Was supposed to get the advertised 10 Swedish crown breakfast which includes 2 rolls, 4 pieces of cheese and/or ham, butter, veggies (not sure if it's always cucumber; typical that you could take as much as you wanted of the component that I didn't want any of), and coffee/tea/milk. Was kind of disappointed that it didn't come plated as advertised. [UPDATE: They have since changed the picture they use for promotion.]

Being the glutton that I am, I actually ended up paying four times as much for breakfast because of the addition of 2 pieces each of sausage and bacon, orange juice and chocolate mousse.

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