Sunday, January 10, 2010

A rare occurrence

It's annoying when pens just stop working and even more annoying that it happens so often, but this pen was a trooper. It wrote until it had nothing left with which to write.

Have another pen of the same model though which is almost full but won't write. Figures!

[This post is dedicated to Dudie Mia. :p]


  1. Yay to me! hahahah.... We should make a collection of trooper pens and exclude the gel- type pens (they're faux- troopers).

    Got the presents yesterday! Thank you very much. Xie xie, salamat, do xia, etc etc etc... I don't recall us every discussing the dalecarlian horse (pls refresh my memory)...

    thanks again!

  2. Oh and I googled that. lol

  3. The problem is the verification process itself renders the trooper pens useless.

    And here I was all impressed that you knew the name (and the frou-frou version at that!)...doesn't it remind you of something Filipino?

  4. caldereta? merry go round horsies? calesa horsies?


    Isn't it horse:tapa and goat:kaldereta? :p

  6. I think you're right. I always confuse my food...

    Wait.. did we ever talk about Paete? Huh? :P

  7. Nah, I'm just amused by the similarity between the taka horse and the Dala horse.