Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

I have a special fondness for breakfast (which I've previously blogged about here and here), so I figured I'd treat myself to a nice breakfast for my birthday and that I'd throw a little champagne into the mix. 
Well, technically, sparkling wine since the grapes used didn't come from the Champagne region. Anyway, I snapped a photo of the bottle and the receipt because it was my first purchase ever from Systembolaget (Sweden's liquor monopoly) and I would say it's something of a feat that I've never bought anything there before since a lot of people probably head there as soon as they're of age (20 years old). Also bought stemware and a corkscrew yesterday. As it turns out, I didn't need the corkscrew since the 200 mL bottle had a screw cap. And to think, I even watched an instructional video on using a winged corkscrew! :-/

Aside from the bubbly and the slice of cake (prinsesstårta), I went with standard and easy-to-prepare breakfast food. Didn't feel like slaving away at the stove today. Headed over to the Brother and the SIL's place for dinner bearing lasagna, garlic bread, and the pink prinsesstårta you see below --- all frozen! Oh, the horror! :p

I was actually supposed to buy a strawberry mousse cake that's new on the market and that I've been wanting to try, but the store was out. Anyway, the important thing was that the cake was pink. I had plans for it, you see...    

Pink prinsesstårta (a little worse for wear post-transport) + pink marzipan + 2 chocolate coins = 

P I G G Y   C A K E ! ! !

The little parcels contained a few chocolate coins and lollipops for the nieces and I had some balloons left over from the crayfish party last year. Thought it was so cute when The Big Niece asked "Faster[=me], does Farmor[=my mom] know that it's your birthday today?"

Many thanks to everyone who greeted me and to the Brother, the SIL, The Big Niece and The Little Niece for celebrating with me and for the presents!


  1. Happy birthday Dudie Eina! Cake looks awesome!

  2. Thanks Dudie Mia! Statcounter says you're a Yalee now.

  3. Wow. Statcounter is right, but how does it do that? Does it take IP addy's and then show the city?
    or my IP addy shows institution? I'm amazed!

  4. School's name is tied to your IP addy. Does this mean you moved from NYU or temporary exchange?

  5. Done at NYU. Moved here last June for a postdoc. How are things at Stockholm?

  6. Congrats! Didn't realize the PhD was done already...time flies. Just started my 8th sem, surgery.

  7. Thanks Dudie! Time flies indeed. Final semester? How has surgery been so far?

  8. It's sem 8 of 11. Last week we had lectures and a few demos: reviewed how to do physical exams, suturing, and getting OR ready. This week I'm in the ER.

  9. Need username/pw for the link. What's in it? You suturing? Coooooooollll...

    I'm going home this winter for my sister's wedding. Any plans for a trip back home? I haven't seen you since 2007 when my foot got run over by a sedan. I'd like to see at some point so I can redeem myself and not leave that tragedy as your last memory of me.

  10. This should work

    Am planning to head home for a few days in November for an HS friend's wedding. Best wishes to your sister and when is Dudie Mia getting married?