Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's talk about hair

As a kid, I was somewhat envious of some of the kids at school who had complicated hairstyles day in and day out. I think the most advanced one my mom and aunt could manage was a ponytail and a plain braid respectively, but I love them heaps just the same. :p

Anyway, left to my own devices, it took years for little Eina to realize that you were supposed to comb your hair. Ha, imagine that! I could have been the Tangled poster child.

Also, I have stubborn, uncooperative hair. I was once forced to return a hairstyling set I'd ordered over the home shopping channel because my hair refused to hold a curl no matter how long I kept it twirled around the curling iron or how much ozone damage I caused with the hairspray.

Anyway, long story short...tried my hand at a French braid tonight. It could be neater, but it's passable. As Kai-Lan has taught us, "you'll get better if you try, try, try."

P.S. I got my hair permed 2 or 3 times while in elementary school because of Andrea Zuckerman from the original 90210.

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