Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let me eat cake!

Sweden's Princess Estelle was christened today. A number of bakeshops are selling special cakes or pastries in honor of the occasion, just like they did on the day she was born. On my way home from school, I stopped by Xoko to buy an Estelle mini cake*. Their version is a specially-decorated prinsesstårta (princess cake). Two years ago, Frödinge sold frozen princess cakes for her parents' wedding.

Finally found a fitting occasion to inaugurate my V&A Museum afternoon tea set. Couldn't resist buying pizza while I was there. Was choosing between anchovy&olive and spinach&onion confit. Anchovy&olive won.

In other news, presented my research project yesterday and served as an opponent today.

[*Well, two actually, if we're being totally honest here. :p]

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