Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Eina's going to be on the telly

I've always thought it would be cool to appear on TV at some point. When I was younger, I went to a few castings in The Philippines because commercial modelling was a thing for mestizo (mixed race, Caucasian and Filipino) kids. Never managed to book an ad job though and never imagined that I'd pop up on Swedish TV instead. Then again, I was on the front page of a Swedish newspaper once upon a was a little community, but still, front page is front page (or was it just the front page of a section, can't remember). :p

Anyway, was on location for a few hours today to shoot the first segment. It was surreal to sit on a window ledge beside this international TV personality. I mean this is someone I used to watch even back home in The Philippines and I never thought our paths would cross and suddenly there we are chatting about my life. There'll be another taping day in a couple of weeks and the show will air in the fall. 

Some tredpidation about putting myself out there. The show is in the reality category and though it's not trashy or exploitative at all, I do have to open up a bit. I hope I manage to make a positive impression. There was a part where I was being  interviewed and I was thinking "What I'm saying makes sense to me, but am I able to communicate that or am I inadvertently leaving out  necessary information (because I'm so used to thinking along these lines) and not making any sense at all?"

Oh well, here's me overanalyzing, but that's what I do. Anyway, reality check: unless the viewer is someone who actually knows me or I manage to make a huge fool of myself, my participation will hardly register.

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