Thursday, April 30, 2009

A series of unfortunate events a.k.a. Posting backlog part 2

Flashback to April 20: After impulsively purchasing 5 books, I distributed them between two paper bags and then proceeded to place an anatomy book I'd borrowed from the school library plus two free newspapers in the bags as well.

After that, I headed to Primo Ciao Ciao to order pizza to take home and then to ICA to buy some snack supplies in the form of 2 bottles of Coke Zero, Doritos, sour gummy candy, and snack packs of cheese and crackers. I added those to the two paper bags too.

Shortly after I left the store, one paper bag ripped to the point of being useless, so I moved everything to the other bag, save for the heaviest books --- Livet and Astrids Bilder --- which I just sort of hugged to my chest using one arm.

I had to struggle to get the door open at the pizzeria and was dismayed to find that the pizza box didn't come with a plastic bag or even a ribbon to make carrying it easier. "Can you manage?" the cashier inquired as he handed me the box and my reply was along the lines of "Yes, somehow."

I added the pizza to the books I was holding and began the long walk to the bus stop, stopping every now and then to alternate the loads on each arm as the arm carrying the pizza and heavy books got fatigued.

Relieved to have made it to the bus stop, I ceremoniously disposed of the ripped paper bag which I'd previously stuffed in the other bag because I couldn't find a trash can. I then sat down to wait for the bus.

When the bus finally arrived, I stood up eagerly and lifted the remaining paper which point, it also decided to give up the ghost.

So there I was with all this stuff, a teeny tiny bag and the bus about to leave me behind at any moment...

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