Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet the passporter(?)

I couldn't come up with a better name.

Was at the police station today to apply for a new passport because the first page --- you know, the one with all the important information --- was about to go bye-bye.

Passporter features:
*camera to take your passport photo of course --- the thing about getting your photo taken at a police station is it feels odd to's more like "Hello mugshot!" and you don't really feel free to request a retake;
*camera is automatically raised/lowered to eye level when the person assisting you inputs your height;
*fingerprint scanner for added security --- it couldn't register my fingerprints because my skin was too dry, but it should be okay as long as no one is out to single white female me;
*signature capture device --- I liked this one because you got to write on paper with a pen as opposed to writing directly on the device and not seeing what you're writing like I've had to do for ID cards in the past...or maybe those should have come with paper too, but they were just being stingy;
*monitor so you can check that the information is correct as well as the final layout of the information page; and
*a big ruler on the side --- oddly enough, my favorite part!

If you think about it, the passporter is really just a glorified computer with a bunch of peripherals, but I think it's nifty that someone came up with the idea of consolidating all the components into one unit.

Will pick up my new passport next week with lots of time to spare before I leave for Manila.


  1. Single White Female: awfully creepy, but also perfectly awesome! I remember the scene where one of them- either Allie or Hedy used a stiletto heel to kill the other person- hahahah

  2. Methinks (and have since googled to confirm) that Hedy stabbed Allie's boyfriend in the eye.