Monday, May 25, 2009

If only it came in my size

Thought this would be perfect for the big niece because her hair looks similar and she has recently been fond of wearing a cardboard crown that she originally used for a presentation at daycare.

When I found out that it also came in black, I wanted to get one for myself too. The largest children's size is 170 cm and I'm only 163 cm tall, but alas, the cutoff for this shirt is 122 cm.

The niece dodged a bullet there. Matching aunt and niece outfits must rank pretty high on the daycare cringe scale.


  1. Uber cute! reminds me of a female version of The Little Prince- ha! The Little Princess!

  2. Welcome back reader from Masbate! :p

    There's actually a "Little Princess" series of books and TV programs.

  3. THis reader from Masbate just came back from the incredible island of Palawan, and is now back in Manila (I mean Masbate) hahhahaa....

    Didn't get to swim with the dolphins, but did something quite close- snorkeling with the fishies, and Nemo, and Dory

  4. Hope you had an enjoyable trip even if it was dolphin-free. I've actually never been to Palawan.

    You know what they say...swimming with animals means swimming with their poop. :p