Friday, May 15, 2009

Done watching

Thought the movie was great.

Now waiting for the bus which will finally take me to school.


  1. I'm in Manila! Which movie did you watch?

  2. "Angels & Demons"...scroll two posts down. :p

    What's on Mia Lace's itinerary? Visit to UPM? Beware of pedestrian lanes, Dudie!

  3. Dude- I've developed a little pedestrian-phobia! I have to spend a few seconds convincing myself that I can cross the street without getting run over. Hahah...

    I'm bored. VERY bored. Dont' know anyone at UPM anymore, and that place gives me bad memories. Maybe it wants to take my right foot too...

    Going to Palawan on Friday! Yay!!!!! How's medschool?

  4. You should get overpasses constructed everywhere.

    To cure boredom, play games to "Save the Planet" on facebook.

    Some of the people from our batch are still at UPM.

    Going to Palawan with the family? My stat counter says that Dudie M is currently in Masbate...what's in Masbate?

    Let's just say this is not my sem...but hey, there are 9 more of them ahead and one of those could be my sem.

  5. I'm in Manila. Stat counter off... Very very bored and sweating my butt off in the weather. At what point did I stop getting used to the it?

    Watched Angels and Demons last night. Not bad. Planning my own underground visit to the Vatican Archives.

  6. Maybe you're in Masbate but you just don't know it? I want to have a blog reader from Masbate.

    Bring your own oxygen tank to the archives just in case.

    Have you read the book? I hadn't and I suspected the twist, but it took so long to happen, so I started to second guess my prediction. Ooh, and I thought the wind thing and fire thing were really tough to watch.