Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aragorn vs. Brownies 1-0

Was at the counter when I spotted the elusive brownies. The store had been advertising them for days but they finally made their debut appearance today.

Decided to take a raincheck on the brownies, but will come back for them this afternoon. Hey, it's for a good cause! x% percent of the proceeds will go to the Rosa Bandet (Pink Ribbon; breast cancer awareness) campaign of Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society).

Anyway, having resisted the brownies and on my way out of the store, I spotted Viggo Mortensen on the cover of Reader's Digest and just had to buy it.

So Viggo, you beat out the brownies! You have no idea what a great honor that is in my world.

P.S. I also considered buying the Reader's Digest issue with the Obamas on the cover a few weeks back, but didn't. Still, trust me when I say that the win over the brownies is a much greater compliment coming from me.

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